Amanda Du Pont wants ‘justice for Namhla’


Amanda Du Pont has taken to her social media to lend her voice regarding the brutal murder of Singwa Namhla Mtwa.

Namhla was murdered in the Eastern Cape last month.

On social media, South Africans have been sharing pics of a bruised and battered Namhla who was allegedly shot and killed by her boyfriend of 17 years.

According to Namhla’s family, her death was due to her attempts to leave the alleged abusive relationship.

The pics were leaked by Namhla’s sister Sanga on Facebook in a desperate plea to get draw attention to the case. In a clip from Namhla’s funeral, her sister also weeps bitterly over being “helpless” in the tragic incident.

Sanga has posted dozens of clips, pictures, and screenshots of messages between her and Namhla. She also shared Namhla’s communication with her allegedly abusive ex.

Sanga’s pleas have sparked a public outcry and the hashtag “#JusticeforNamhla” which has received support from thousands of Twitter users.

Media personality Amanda du Pont also added her voice to the discussion on social media.

She tweeted: “Protect woman’s rights! We are not animals. Namhla is a true hero leaving evidence behind because she knew she might not make it out alive. She deserves justice. We are tired, scared, and fearful. We speak for those who never make it out alive at the hands of GBV. #justicefornamhla”.


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