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Coronation Street fans predict Sarah Platt pregnancy twist after Lydia ‘affair’ lies

Coronation Street fans have seemingly worked out a shock pregnancy twist for Sarah Platt, after Lydia Chambers lied about having an affair with Sarah’s husband Adam Barlow.

Sarah confronted Lydia during Friday’s episode of the ITV soap, and was left devastated when Lydia pretended to be in a relationship with Adam.

Although Adam pleaded to his wife that Lydia was lying, Sarah kicked him out of their home – but fans have now predicted that a twist might be in store for the couple.

After Sarah and Adam recently tried for a baby, fans took to social media to say that they think Sarah will find out she is pregnant soon, with one viewer asking: “Is this where Sarah finds out she’s pregnant?”

Fans have 'worked out' that Sarah Platt could be pregnant
Fans have ‘worked out’ that Sarah Platt could be pregnant

Other fans seemed to be in agreement with the suggestion, with one viewing saying: “More than likely!” while a second added: “Obviously!”

If the theory is correct, what does this mean for Sarah and Adam’s relationship? And will Adam be able to prove the truth that Lydia is lying?

In a cobbles confrontation following the shock lies, fans were quick to point out that Adam should have recorded his argument with Lydia to prove his innocence.

Sarah confronted her husband Adam about the alleged affair
Sarah confronted her husband Adam about the alleged affair

Lydia could be heard saying to Adam: “You messed up my life, you dismantled me bit by bit.

“Tell you what I’m going to do, Adam, I’m going to dismantle your life like you dismantled mine. Piece by piece. And there is nothing you can do about it.”

Following the confrontation, one fan said on social media: “Adam should have recorded that conversation on his phone,” while a second added: “Adam should have recorded that outburst from Lydia to prove to Sarah that Lydia is lying.”

Lydia Chambers has been plotting to take revenge on ex-boyfriend Adam
Lydia Chambers has been plotting to take revenge on ex-boyfriend Adam

A third commented: “That would’ve been an ideal opportunity for Adam to have recorded that conversation with his mobile phone.”

The confrontation followed weeks of planning by Lydia, who has vowed to take revenge on her ex-boyfriend Adam.

While viewers do not know what Lydia meant by Adam “dismantling” her life, only time will tell what will be in store for Adam, Sarah and Lydia in the upcoming weeks.

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