Does a woman’s body count really matter in a relationship

Getting into a relationship is exciting until such a time when the conversation about ex-partners pops up.

The conversation about the number of sex partners one has had seems to be a rather sensitive topic. Many women, and even men, don’t feel comfortable disclosing their “body count” intel. But why is this an issue?

Body count is the number of people a person has had sexual intercourse with. It does not matter how intimate the make-out was, or how much stuff you have done with someone – if there hasn’t been any form of penetration, it does not count as sex in this context.

Body count in this case refers only to the number of people an individual has had penetrative sex with.

Muvhango actor Dingaan Khumalo found himself trending on social media after a video of him speaking about a woman’s body count surfaced. He is of the opinion that no man wants to know how many guys a woman has slept with, because the woman may be his future wife.

But social media users have their own views on the trending topic, with many females disagreeing with Khumalo. Take a look what people had to say:



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