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Gogglebox’s Sophie breaks down in tears over Ukraine war

Gogglebox’s brother and sister duo Sophie and Pete pulled on viewers’ heartstrings as they discussed the current conflict in Ukraine.

And Sophie soon broke down in tears at the thought of her big brother Pete leaving her to go and fight.

With the pair reclining in their usual armchairs, the Goggleboxers were watching the news about the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and began to discuss how families must feel when they are torn apart.

Clips showed mothers and children torn away from their husbands, brothers, uncles and other male relatives as men aged 19-60 years old were required to stay behind and fight against Russia.

The siblings got emotional as they watched the coverage
The siblings got emotional as they watched the coverage

Pete began by saying that he “didn’t know how he’d feel” if he had to be “held back to fight the war”.

He tried to weigh up his options but decided that civilians can’t say “they’re not going” although they may “get shot at and potentially killed”, before asking his sister “what is most valuable”.

Sophie began to cry and choked up at the thought and told her brother that she “would just stay with him”.

Sophie cried at the thought of Pete going to war
Sophie cried at the thought of Pete going to war

“No, you wouldn’t, I wouldn’t let you, you little soft a***. Stop it, you k*** head, you’re going to make me cry. We’re here, you f****** idiot,” he said lovingly.

Sophie wiped a tear away from her face as she replied that she thought: “It’s scary”.

They seem to have touched the hearts of the nation as Twitter erupted in comments about the siblings, with users offering their sympathies after seeing the intimate moment between Sophie and Pete.

Fans offered their support to the siblings
Fans offered their support to the siblings

One emotional viewer tweeted: “Not going to lie, I might have gotten a little emotional at Sophie and Pete’s conversation on Gogglebox.”

“Can’t relate to anyone as much as I do with Sophie on Gogglebox. Literally cried everyday at the news,” someone else echoed.

Another commented: “Aw, Sophie getting upset over the fighting in Ukraine and talking about the men staying behind. They may squabble, but I can see Sophie and Pete love each other. Great brother and sister relationship.”

Gogglebox continues next Friday at 9pm on Channel 4.

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