Gomora’s Buhle Ndaba (Ama Qamata) emotional goodbye to her fans (VIDEO)

She’s been there since day 1, which is why her tragic death on the show left fans emotional.

She was Buhle Ndaba, the daughter of a rich banker and a spoilt Sandton girl who, due to circumstances, lost not only her father but her flashy lifestyle and found herself in the township of Gomora.

Ama Qamata (23) has played the character for two years and has seen Buhle grow from strength to strength. Now the curtain has gone down on her journey with popular Mzansi drama, Gomora.

On the show she has gone through many changes with the most painful being the loss of her brother Langa Ndaba.

She recently shared an emotional scene from the last shooting day on set. In the video, she gets rousing applause from the cast and the directors of the show.

“Can’t even find the right words to type out right now. I’ll keep it simple, thank you Gomora it’s been an absolute pleasure and privilege to be on the show. It was an opportunity of a lifetime and I’m so blessed to have shared it with you guys,” she said.

“Thank you to the cast, crew and producers who are like family to me. Thank you, South Africa, for embracing Buhle in your homes and in public lol. I don’t take for granted what this show has done for my growth and career, I’m forever humbled and grateful.”

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