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Ikea workers share employee secrets – including best time to shop on a bargain

Shopping at Ikea can be quite a fun – yet a stressful experience.

The Swedish department store has simply everything you need for your home, from candles to bath mats.

But the thing with Ikea is that you can’t run in and out of there, it often requires a day trip to successfully complete a shop there.

Fortunately, former employees have shared some secrets and tips to make your experience a lot more calmer.

As the store can get busy at the weekends, it’s recommended to visit on a weekday.

The ex-colleagues also advise against arriving for the store’s opening time, reports Sun Online.

There are ways you can have a stress-free shopping experience
There are ways you can have a stress-free shopping experience

Instead try heading there one or two hours after opening time for a stress-free and quiet shopping experience.

And if you’re after a bargain, then Ikea’s sales are very tempting.

Sale items can also be found online so it’s worthwhile checking on the website before visiting your local branch.

You can also check the bargain counter, or the “As-Is” section too.

However, if you’re watching your pennies, steer clear of the “Open the Wallet” section of the store.

While the area is full of small items, there are things you might end up needing, like new towels which will rack up the shopping bill.

It’s worth making a list of stuff that you actually need so you can get through an Ikea shop without picking up more than you need.

Also it’s good to allow yourself time to find the items you want in the warehouse at the end of your trip.

You can shop on a budget at Ikea if you want
You can shop on a budget at Ikea if you want

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The ex-workers recommend an hour or so, depending on what you’re planning to buy on your trip.

And we know how difficult it can be to navigate the huge stores.

So just remember next time you’re in an Ikea store, there are shortcuts which you can use to save a lot of time.

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