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Jub Jub says he sold prostitutes in jail during Mac G’s season finale of podcast and chill

Johannesburg – The highly anticipated season finale of Mac G’s podcast and chill, featuring Jub Jub will definitely go down as one of the most reading tell-all podcasts.

During the podcast, Jub Jub revealed that he survived jail by joining the ’26 gangsters’ and he also became a ‘pimp’ while in jail.

According to Jub Jub, he revealed that he had four prostitutes he was selling during the time he was incarcerated.

Jub Jub said, “Jail is not a pleasant place for anyone.”

Jub Jub also revealed that he tried seeking help from the former police minister of police, Fikile Mbalula, but never got any joy.

During the podcast, to which members of the media were invited, Jub Jub made it clear that he does not think highly of Amapiano singer something Soweto because he refused to work with him on the Ndikhokhele remix because he was afraid of the stigma.

He also said that he has the highest respect for gospel star Dr Rebecca Malone who stood by him when most people had written him off.

He also added that no one forced Kelly to take cocaine.

Jub Jub added that there is nobody that does not have an addiction of some sort in the creative industry.

He said it’s funny when people look at celebs and see ‘Gods or role models but they are far from that.’


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