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Kardashian trial LIVE – Day 2 of case underway after Blac Chyna accused of shouting ‘I’m going to kill you’ at Rob

‘I did retaliate’

Rhodes later insisted in court on Thursday that Blac Chyna’s appearance on Good Morning America and her press conference following the restraining order meant she “announced to the world the relationship was over.”

Chyna then admitted: “At that point, yes.”

Rhodes then claimed executive producer Jeff Jenkins tried to suggest couple’s therapy, to which Chyna responded: “F**k that, and f**k Rob.”

She denied these claims at the trial.

He then read out alleged text messages from February 2017, in which Chyna allegedly told Rob “It’s over” and “F**k you.”

She also branded him a “fat b***h“.

In court, Chyna admitted she called Rob fat on a number of occasions, saying: “When he called me a slut, a w***e, did evil things to me, I did retaliate.”

“It does not make me feel good,” she added. “Someone you have a baby with, it’s not a good feeling honestly.”

Rhodes also claimed Chyna told Rob multiple times “you’re disgusting, the sex is horrible.”

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