Lady Du advises fans ahead of 2022


Lady Du has taken to her social media to reflect on 2021 and how her life turned out this year.

Taking to Instagram, the star went ahead to give followers hope for the year ahead.

Lady Du wished her followers well, hoping they are armed with strength to face 2022.

She said she knows the year has not been gentle to all and she urged people to try again next year.

She concluded advising that they should remember to ask God for protection when they leave home, and thank him when they return safely

“It’s the end of 2021, reflect, remember that you have not failed, you get to start again next year, spend the last days of December writing down all the things you want next year. I am happy with how my life changed, I pray for the same for each and everyone of you. Let the light that shined on me shine on you too. Be safe this December, remember to ask God for protection when you leave home, and thank him when you return safely asibe happy.”

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