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Martyn Hett & Manchester bomb victims remembered by ITV soap; plus EastEnders & Emmerdale news

CORONATION Street has paid tribute to late superfan Martyn Hett and the other victims of the Manchester Arena bombing.

The 29-year-old had been at an Ariana Grande concert on May 22 2017 when terrorist Salman Abedi detonated a device which killed him and 21 other people.

But in special scenes of Corrie, characters said the victims are “always in our thoughts” ahead of the terror attack’s fifth anniversary tonight at 10.31pm.

During Friday’s episode of the ITV show, rivals Gail Rodwell and Eileen Grimshaw each carry a bouquet of flowers as they approach a memorial bench in a community garden installed in 2018 at the soap’s home in Trafford.

Gail, played by Helen Worth, remarks “It’s a lovely bench, isn’t it?”, to which Eileen, played by Sue Cleaver, replies: “‘Tis, it’s just a crying shame it even has to be here.”

A plaque then shows on screen, stating: “For Martyn and all those who lost their lives on the 22nd of May 2017. We stand together.”

“It could have been any one of us, couldn’t it? Any one of us from this street” Gail says, with Eileen responding: “Our kids, grandkids.”

Read our soap spoilers live blog below for the latest storylines & gossip…

  • Coronation Street: Summer storyline to tackle taboo of of the most dangerous eating disorder?

    Summer has been diagnosed with diabetes and has been worried about her appearance and putting on weight since she fell ill.

    In recently scenes viewers have seen Summer tipping away her life line insulin medication.

    She has also been starving herself.

    Diabulimia is regarded as one of the most deadly eating disorders where diabetics restrict both food and insulin intake. It has catastrophic consequences, but is not widely known about.

  • EastEnders: What does Janine have up her sleeve next?

    She plotted to get rid of Linda, but that didn’t work. Where will she stop?

    Long time viewers will know Janine does have what it takes to be a killer.

    So far she has killed three people, making her one of the deadliest on Albert Square.

    After her plot to pay Linda thousands to leave the Square was foiled, could Janine have it in her to get rid of Linda for good?

  • Coronation Street: Toyah excited over news from foster child Elsie

    Toyah was desperate to become a parent, but her dreams were shattered when her plans of fostering fell through.

    She was unable to look after Elisa after she threw Imran out. Toyah was devastated to find out he had kept Alfie behind her back, after fathering the baby with Abi.

    While letting Abi have Alfie for the day, she gets a promising call from the social worker.

    Could this mean she is finally able to adopt little Elsie?

  • OMG! Could Marcus have sinister plans for Ethan?

    Marcus might be linked to Ethan’s attacker…

    He is the seemingly perfect man for Ethan, who has been preoccupied with work and being attacked by Jordan.

    Marcus’ father was a killer, could his blood also run cold?

  • Spoiler alert! Heartbreak for Fiz on Coronation Street

    Partner Phill has been up to something dodgy, and Tyrone has been sniffing around to find out exactly what it is.

    Tyrone broke her heart when he ran off with gorgeous Alina. He has now been meddling with Fiz’s upcoming engagement to Phill Whittaker.

    Fiz’s daughter was disturbed by something she found on Phill’s laptop, is he really up to no good?

  • Emmerdale spoilers: Wedding bells in the Dales?

    Someone might be taking a trip down the isle this summer!

    David Metcalfe gets down on one knee for Victoria.

    The two have only been courting for seven months, and he is convinced Victoria is the one.

    Will she accept the whirlwind proposal?

  • A Royal knees up for Walford for the Platinum Jubilee

    Prince Charles and Camilla are joining Mick and Linda for a special street party to mark the Queen’s 70 years on the throne.

    The episode will air on Thursday 2 June and Linda and Mick will greet The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall.

    They will introduce the Royal pair to the residents of Albert Square.

    Prince Charles and Camilla paid a visit to the EastEnders set on 31 March.

    Will you tune in for the very special episode?

  • Hospital SHOCK for Danniella Westbrook in health scare

    She was diagnosed with septicaemia following surgery.

    Danniella, 48, was diagnosed with the scary illness following facial reconstruction surgery.

    The surgery, costing around £500,000 to help rebuild her features.

    She has suffered with problems after a heavy cocaine addiction and osteoporosis, which ate away at the bones in her face.

    Septicaemia is a dangerous form of blood poisoning by bacteria but luckily it seems Danniella caught it early, and is now recovering from home.

  • EastEnders: Stuart’s poisonous jealousy of Mitch

    Stuart has been suffering with post-natal depression and can’t cope with the new baby.

    Mitch has been helping out with baby Ronald while Stuart and Rainie run the funeral parlour.

    Stuart starts to grow jealous in his fragile state, and continues to avoid the baby.

    Rainie is heartbroken that Stuart can’t seem to bond with their son, and confides in Mitch.

  • Hollyoaks’ Gary Lucy a ‘blubbering wreck’ after filming his final scene

    Hollyoaks actor Gary Lucy was a “blubbering wreck” after filming his final scene 23 years after joining the soap. 

    He made the decision to kill off his character Luke Morgan in a heartbreaking dementia storyline, which reaches its climax on screen early next month.

    Gary, who has been in the Channel 4 show on and off since 1999, said: “It was a story I really wanted to tell and there was only one way it could end – with Luke’s death. 

    “Young person dementia has never been shown on British TV before and sadly, like so many others, dementia is an illness that has touched my family.”

  • Emmerdale fans in for a schedule shock

    Emmerdale fans can expect a schedule change later this month as it makes way for Britain’s Got Talent.

    The long-running show has been airing in a new timeslot since March,

    Later this month, the schedule changes again for one week only as the Britain’s Got Talent live semi-final shows return.

    During the week commencing Monday, May 30, Emmerdale returns to the earlier timeslot of 7pm.

  • Emmerdale fans certain that Moira Dingle will murder Suzy after Holly’s tragic death

    Fans of the soap are sure that Moira will take revenge on Suzy after it was revealed the she provided her daughter with drugs.

    Viewers have taken to social media to share their theories regarding this potential clash.

    One wrote: “Moira is not going to like this when she finds out.”

    A second shared a meme of someone firing a gun and wrote: “Moria when she finds out Suzy killed Holly.”

    Another added: “knew it was suzie gave Holly drugs omg she killed her #emmerdale.”

    Read more here.

  • Emmerdale’s Ash Palmisciano speaks on death of his beloved mum

    The 32-year-old actor has opened up on the death of his mother for the first time.

    Ash penned: “Still can’t believe you’re not with us mum, I’m just starting everyday like you did…with a good cuppa, Hope, love and positivity! 

    “My biggest inspiration and role model, Miss you everyday ❤️ #Micki #MyMum”

    His fans flooded to support the grieving star, with one stating: “Sending all the love to you and your family bro❤️”

  • Hollyoaks: Jailed James could be in grave danger

    James caught himself in a web of lies and scams after feeding his gambling addiction. Now he has got himself in real trouble.

    Nowhere is safe for James, especially not prison has his mystery stalker was revealed to be the prison guard, Bruce.

    James left prison and looked as though he was turning over a new leaf.

    Bruce has turned up with a chilling message: “I’m not so easy to shake off. Pay your debt, or things are going to get real nasty real fast.”

  • Coronation Street star, Ruxandra Porojnicu, shows off STUNNING new hairstyle

    The soap star has taken to Instagram to show off her brand-new hairdo.

    Porojinicu left Corrie in in September 2021 following the end of her storyline.

    This latest pic shows that the 28 year-old actress’ hair has grown impressively since we last saw her.

    Credit: Instagram
    Credit: Instagram
  • Coronation Street’s Alison King splits from fiancé David Stuckey

    The soap icon, 49, who plays Carla Connor in Corrie, is ending her relationship IT consultant David.

    The pair got together in 2018 and announced their engagement in 2019 before planning to tie the knot in Greece in May 2020.

    However, after a series of delays caused by lockdown restrictions, the ceremony could never happen.

    Now, sources say the couple have quietly ended their engagement.

    One said: “Alison and David have sadly decided to separate. They were very much in love for a long time but have ended up growing apart.

    “They parted amicably and both wish each other the best in the future.”

  • Coronation Street remembers the Manchester Bombing

    Five years on from the tragic event, Coronation Street has paid tribute to its victims.

    Today is the five year anniversary of the bombing where 22 people lost their lives while attending an Ariana Grande concert.

    The touching video produced by the soap portrays two characters paying tribute to the victims.

  • Charles and Camilla to star in special Jubilee EastEnders episode

    The royal couple will take to the streets of Walford to celebrate and honour Her Majesty the Queen.

    Charles and Camilla filmed the scenes when they visited the Elstree set and met members of the cast.

    The will appear in a street party, as the iconic characters of the soap celebrate the Platinum Jubilee.

    Kellie Bright had a wonderful time meeting the Royals.

    She told the BBC: “They have been amazing sports.

    “I just thought, ‘wow, they’ve never done anything like this before’. They didn’t really know what to expect, I mean it must have been nerve-wracking for them and completely out of their norm,” she said. 

    “So I just hope they enjoyed it as much as we did.”

  • Corrie star Antony Cotton reveal’s his on-screen son is set to return to the soap

    The actor – who plays Sean Tully in the ITV soap – recently shared a picture on twitter, in turn accidentally spoiling the return of Liam Mccheyne as Sean’s son.

    Antony posted: “Finally got a pic with @liammccheyne on the Grimshaws set, Number 11 Coronation Street, my home from home for the last 18 or so years. 

    “I’ve known him and his brother @connormccheyne since they were babies. Liam is back playing Dylan. Welcome home, son.”

    This comes after Cotton got in hot water with the Coronation Street bosses for spoiling a huge storyline in the show.

    Specifically, the actor posted a picture of Dame Maureen Lipman, spoiling her return before the official announcement.

    Credit: Twitter
    Credit: Twitter
  • Cleo McQueen actor quits iconic soap after eight year stint

    Nadine Mulkerrin has quit Hollyoaks after almost a decade on the show.

    The actress is currently away on maternity leave, and has made the decision not to return.

    In a statement released to Metro, Nadine said: “It’s been an amazing eight years at Hollyoaks.

    “I’ve had the absolute ride and the best journey ever being in the iconic McQueen family.

    “I have been blessed with so many incredible storylines, arriving with the Pete and Cleo storyline, the powerful sexual abuse storyline, and then the impactful bulimia storyline which crescendo’d on my wedding day to my real-life fiancé, meeting Rory, and joining at 21 and leaving eight years later its been an incredibly special job.

    “I feel like I will miss everybody so much and it will always have a special place in my heart.

  • Hollyoaks: Lawyer James turned to desperate pilferer

    James has been battling a secret gambling addiction, and has turned to crime to feed the monster.

    Despite being banged up, he has got himself into deeper trouble.

    Prison guard turned informer, tells James of his unfortunate situation, and bills he had racked up.

    He tries to steal Tony’s money, but luckily Ste was there to save the day.

  • FIVE YEARS ON: Coronation Street remembers the Manchester bombing

    Gale and Eileen remember the victims who died at Ariana Grande’s concert in 2017.

    Tomorrow is the five year anniversary of when 22 people lost their lives at the gig.

    The emotional clip shows the two characters remembering the lives lost.

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  • Hollyoaks: Jailed James could be in grave danger

    James caught himself in a web of lies and scams after feeding his gambling addiction. Now he has got himself in real trouble.

    Nowhere is safe for James, especially not prison has his mystery stalker was revealed to be the prison guard, Bruce.

    James left prison and looked as though he was turning over a new leaf.

    Bruce has turned up with a chilling message: “I’m not so easy to shake off. Pay your debt, or things are going to get real nasty real fast.”

  • Emmerdale: Faith is determined to not let her lung operation stop her

    She has kept her diagnosis of secondary cancer quiet from her friends.

    Faith promises to help Cain do up his caravan but knows she won’t be able to help as she has a procedure scheduled.

    When he leaves for Scotland early without telling her, she is left devastated.

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