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Mayweather wins farcical fight after taunting boxer Don Moor

Floyd Mayweather has beaten Don Moore in his latest exhibition bout in Abu Dhabi on Saturday evening.

The unblemished boxer took to the ring slightly later than expected following a stacked undercard including MMA legend Anderson Silva. And Mayweather made Moore wait in the ring as he delayed his entrance before being serenaded by two different musical artists.

The American dominated the bout as he smiled unloading punches toward his opponent, who was unable to muster an answer to the 44-year-old. Mayweather danced and laughed his way throughout the bout as fans slammed the ‘farcical’ clash in Abu Dhabi.

The pair boxed a statement in the first round, as both boxers tried to feel out their opponent.

However, Mayweather showed off reflexes he would have been proud of in his prime as he ducked and weaved away from Moore. Mayweather, who dressed in the colours of the UAE flag, dominated the ring in the early rounds.

The showman inside Mayweather came out inside the third as he started to toy with Moore.

Floyd Mayweather toyed with Don Moore throughout the evening
Floyd Mayweather toyed with Don Moore throughout the evening

As the bout went deeper into the rounds, the match started to feel like the bout would end when Mayweather decided it would end.

Moore was hapless to stop the 44-year-old as Mayweather stopped and laughed when one fan shouted ‘knock him out Floy d from ringside’. The antics didn’t stop between rounds as Mayweather called for ‘three-minute rounds’ from the ring.

In between all the showmanship, Mayweather demonstrated skills that made him one of the world’s best, catching Moore with shots.

Mayweather was dressed in the colours of the UAE flag

In the sixth, shortly after landing a big shot, the commentators joked he was the best psychological boxer in the game – to which he responded ‘yes I am’.

As Moore recovered in the corner, Mayweather paraded the round seven card around the squared circle before dancing with one of the ring girls. Moore finally landed some blows in the seventh, but Mayweather laughed off the blows before landing a couple of heavy blows.

Mayweather’s taunting was occasionally interrupted by a barrage of shots from the former World Champion.

And Mayweather placed an exclamation point on his performance with some big shots in the final round before being presented as the winner.

Floyd Mayweather confirmed he would return to the UAE after the bout
Floyd Mayweather confirmed he would return to the UAE after the bout

He said after the bout: “I would like to thank everybody in the UAE. I want to thank everybody that covered this fight, the UAE is one of the best places in the world.

‘Don Moore is a great fighter, we’re both still undefeated. He’s got a great team. I want to say thank you to the UAE. I waited for this moment for 26 years, we’re finally here. I will have another fight in the UAE this year.

“It’s a secret [next opponent], I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag just yet. We have an opponent. I have to choose where we fight, and I choose the UAE. For 26 years you guys have supported me and I just want to say thank you.”

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