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Miss BumBum star brands Vladimir Putin ‘violent psychopath’

A model who once hung out with Vladimir Putin and was invited to Russia by the President says he is a “violent psychopath” after an awkward dinner encounter.

Suzy Cortez from Brazil met the Russian President while visiting the country for a World Cup 2018 event.

The Miss BumBum star, 31, had previously featured in Playboy and described the uncomfortable experience she had with him at dinner, after the CBF (Brazillian Football Confederation) introduced the two.

Speaking to Jam Press, Cortez said: “He [Putin] squeezed my hand and stared at me for a few minutes, which freaked me out a little.”

Cortez called the Russian President a "violent psychopath"
Cortez called the Russian President a “violent psychopath”

She continued: “During the whole event he would sit on a kind of throne and when he wanted to say something to me, he would talk to the secretary, and the secretary would come to me and say what he had said.

“He praised me a lot and invited me whenever I wanted to visit Russia. When I arrived, I used the Uber to tour Moscow.

“After Putin arrived, a government car took me where I wanted. I found it very strange because I didn’t know if he was being protected or watched. I stayed a week and returned to Brazil.”

The Russian President and Cortez met at an awkward World Cup 2018 event
The Russian President and Cortez met at an awkward World Cup 2018 event

Her stay in Russia got even weirder, saying that when she returned to Russia for the World Cup, she did her best “not to meet him because I don’t feel comfortable with him.

“I said if I could, I would come back. Then I never saw him again. But today I’m sure I was in danger in Moscow.

“Putin has proved to be a real violent psychopath by declaring war on Ukraine.”

Speaking on Twitter the model said: “I went to Russia for the Cup, I was their muse, I met Putin in person and today I threw all my shirts that I win in the trash and I had the special that Adidas made very few and i also threw away the 2018 mascot that I won in Moscow. #FreeUkraine.”

The Playboy alumni posted to Twitter supporting Ukraine
The Playboy alumni posted to Twitter supporting Ukraine

The Tweet struck a chord with many users, with one fan saying: “It’s unbelievable what this guy is doing!!! disgusted with that Russian.”

Cortez added: “What is happening in Ukraine has made me very sad and worried.

“In São Paulo where I live in Brazil, there is a giant colony of Ukrainians that own restaurants, shops and many places I go to, and I have many Ukrainian friends.

“I will participate in pro-Ukraine demonstrations here in Brazil, and as soon as they are free and well I’m going to visit Ukraine and meet my dear Ukrainian fans.”

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