Mome Mahlangu reflects on some of the memorable moments she had with Riky Rick


Mome Mahlangu has made it known that she is still hurting following the passing of Riky Rick.

Riky Riky’s memorial was held on the 4th of March 2022, and friends, family members, and selected media have gathered to pay tribute to the late rapper who has left behind a tremendous legacy.

Mome on the other hand stated that at first, she thought it was all a dream.

“At first it was All a dream but u did it From Jumble Rumble to Cotton Fest with gear for the festival ✌🏾🙌👑🙏🏻 black child it’s possible If u start ….I spent the day in braamfotein today with the kids at the Tribute 💔 each day I try to make myself understand but something will forever cut deep cause we tried I’m thinking about moments were I literally had to ask Bianca to make sure you attend the kids gathering cause with the growth of your brand we all felt like we were loosing u to strangers. ”

She went on to flash back to July 2009 where she started Jumble Rumble.

“Today I flash back To July 2009 , this was jumble rumble 5 ,I started Jumble Rumble with @okmalumkoolkat @mkayfrash as a event for all the cool kids in Melville we gathered and explored fashion, music ,photography, art ,The first jumble rumble was in my backyard in Melville on my 25th birthday you rocked up with gifts and run Jhb tees , I remember telling big brother sheiks that yooh make more of those T-shirts and come sell at the Jumble Rumble and bring the Fish & Chips MIXTAPE someone needs to get the Fish& chips out for the kids 🕯🙏🏻♥️ pray for everyone and work on yourself healing it’s messy journey Rest Rikhado Makhado 🕯🙏🏻💔”

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