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Phill’s obsession with John Stape takes unexpected turn in Coronation Street | Soaps

John Stape may be heading to a bookshelf near you (Picture: ITV)

There were several shocks for Fiz (Jennie McAlpine) in tonight’s Coronation Street, starting with a phone call from Phill (Jamie Kenna) while she was at work: daughter Hope (Isabella Flanagan) had gone on a rampage at the controls of a digger and smashed Phill’s car windscreen.

It was the reason Hope took the drastic action that was the biggest shock, though.

Off school ill for the day she’d been amusing herself with Phill’s laptop when she discovered a folder titled ‘Stape.’ Clicking on it, she discovered the truth about her serial killer father, John Stape.

Hope opened up to Tyrone (Alan Halsall) about what had happened, opening with, ‘Am I bad, like my dad?’ She said she knew all about what John had done, and about Fiz going to prison.

Tyrone rang Fiz to let her know, and she furiously confronted Phill. He said that he’d been planning to write a book revealing her side of the story because he ‘loves true crime.’

Phill is starting to leave Fiz frustrated (Picture: ITV)

Understandably Fiz was not impressed by this idea, but her main priority was Hope. She went back to Coronation Street to talk to her daughter.

Tyrone and Fiz’s efforts to explain what Stape had done were unintentionally hilarious, as they caught Hope up on his various crimes, including kidnapping Rosie Webster (‘Twice’). ‘He had an affair with Uncle Kevin’s daughter while she was still at school,’ Hope attempted to sum up.

‘John wasn’t all bad,’ Fiz reasoned, trying to put a positive light on one of Weatherfield’s most hapless mass murderers. ‘Life just played some really cruel tricks on him.’

Later on, Hope settled down to do a school project, and we discovered that John Stape had claimed almost as many victims as the Great Fire of London, which had at least had the advantage of wiping out the bubonic plague.

Phill turned up and attempted to explain his book idea to Fiz. Potential titles included ‘From Sir With Love’ and ‘Double Life: the Curious Tale of a Teacher with a Temper.’ A tie-in podcast was also an idea.

‘Are you still pitching this idea to me?’ fumed an exasperated Fiz, and sent him packing.

As she prepared to stay the night at Tyrone’s he made her a hot chocolate, clearly thrilled to have his family all back under the same roof again.

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