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Nathan Lyon is being shown some serious respect by Pakistan but their tactics this morning have been highly questionable.

To our left, there are three men back on the leg side with another three in catching positions, albeit not too close to the bat. No one is in front of the wicket on the off side.

Shaheen Afridi has bowled almost every ball at Lyon’s head, or close to it, and every time he’s looked comfortable. Roughing up a tail-ender with short stuff is fine but you have to spear one in every so often at the stumps.

Lyon’s hook shot is easily his best stroke, as we saw recently against England in Hobart when he hit six after six over deep square leg and fine leg. He’s moved past my tip of 25 and is looking in fine touch.

The fact he’s rolling his wrists on these hook shots and not trying to hit them into the stands shows he’s not just a lower-order slogger. Great batting. Is there anything more beautiful to watch than nightwatchman runs?

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