Roasted portabellos stuffed with marinated mushroom salad

If you love mushrooms, you are in luck with this roasted portabellos stuffed with marinated mushroom salad recipe. Not only does this dish have an appetising crunch thanks to the roasted mushrooms, but it also contains a wholesome mushroom salad accompanied with a zingy dressing. In fact, wholesomeness can hardly taste better than this.

If you are looking for ways to improve your health by eating healthier, this recipe is a great starting point. Mushrooms are low in calories whilst still adding a meatiness to any dish. Once you start exploring the different types of mushrooms to cook with, a whole world of culinary possibilities will open up to you.

Health benefits of enjoying our roasted portabellos recipe

Although mushrooms add so much substance to any dish, they are low in calories. They are also a rich source of protein and fibre. They furthermore contain high levels of antioxidants and selenium.

Including mushrooms in your daily diet will help your body to fight cancer, diabetes, heart disease and Alzheimer’s. So, there are just so many reasons why you need to include more mushrooms in your daily diet.

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