Seriously! Man wears a FAKE arm to avoid getting vaccinated

You can’t make this stuff up! An Italian man now faces fraud charges after he showed up at his vaccine appointment wearing a fake arm in an attempt to get a vaccine certificate without actually getting the jab. Anti-vaxxers may consider this a deceivingly smart way to circumvent vaccine mandates as more countries consider them, including in South Africa.

In Italy, people will not be allowed entry into gyms, restaurants and theatres, without a vaccination certificate.


According to The Guardian, the 50-year-old wore a silicone prosthetic to the vaccine center in Biella, a town in the northern Piemonte region near Turin. The nurse who was set to vaccinate him was, however, not fooled by the deception and immediately noticed when he lifted the arm.

“The color of the skin was anomalous, much lighter compared to the hands or the face of the patient,” Filippa Bua told CNN.

She then inspected the arm then realised that it was fake.

“I first felt sorry for the man, thinking that he had a prosthesis and wondering if I had somehow forced him to give me the wrong arm. But then he admitted he was wearing the fake arm on purpose to avoid getting the vaccine!”

Italian nurse Filippa Bua

The Piedmont regional government condemned the man’s attempt to cheat the system.”The case could be classified as ‘ridiculous,’ except that we are talking about a gesture of enormous gravity, unacceptable for the sacrifice that the whole community is paying for the pandemic,” a joint communiqué from the Piedmont region’s President and health councilor reads.

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