Slik Talk blames Bianca for Riky Rick’s death

Slik Talk blames Bianca for Riky Rick’s death.

The YouTuber spoke about the late rapper on his latest episode and called out Bianca who is still grieving the demise of her lover.

Slik said Riky has been hinting at being suicidal for over two years, he further requested for Riky’s wife whereabout during those period he was struggling.

“Where was Bianca in all of these, I’m sorry but I have to ask the question. Where was the person sleeping next to him every night when he was going through all these troubles? Because I knew it, a lot of  people knew it. Did Bianca know it? Bianca, I’m sorry but we have to have the difficult conversation. Were you there for this man when he needed you the most? Because we all can tell that Riky Rick was pouring from an empty cup, he needed the help, he needed the support, he had a lot of pressure and stress….” Slik said.

Slik’s statement has landed him in hot water as people called him to order, while a few others think the YouTuber is right.

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