Somizi Mhlongo reveals he is done attaching himself to worldly things


Somizi Mhlongo has taken to his social media to share a video of himself revealing that he is done attaching himself to worldly things.

The star stated the he careless about what people think of him and he is not going to let anything affect him.

In the video he shared, Somizi opened up about suicide not being the answer.

After watching a video posted by @fentselite he said he related with the person who shared his personal story about suicide and his realisation that he did not have to die but his belief system that he had attached to himself did.

“I’ve also attached myself to ‘what do you think of me, what if I lose my cars, my house, what if I’m broke again?’ and I’m releasing myself from that. If something has to die today, it is not me; it is the belief system that I am because of all those things. Those things being cars, house, money, you, your opinion, your thoughts, what you think about me. I’m releasing myself from that prison. I’m detaching myself from that. What a beautiful thing.”

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