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South Africa: Water and Sanitation On Improvement of Dam Levels in Limpopo

Limpopo dam levels have improved this week

A weekly report on dam levels issued by the Department of Water and Sanitation in Limpopo have shown an improvement of the province’s dam levels from last week’s 88.4% to 89.9% this week. During a similar period last year, the province’s overall storage capacity stood at 87.2%. Overall, the Limpopo Province water levels have improved by 1.5% from last week to this week.

This improvement means that the available water in the province as of this week is at 1 330.2 cubic metres out of a full capacity of 1 480.10 cubic metres.

The Polokwane Water Supply System with dams supplying water to Polokwane and surrounding areas is currently at 106.4%, an increase from last week’s 103.7%. This is a great improvement as compared to last year at this time when the system stood at 99.4%. The Water Supply System has satisfactorily improved by 2.7% from last week.

Several dams have also slightly increased. Klaserie Dam increased by 1.3%. It was 100.2% last week, this week it is standing at 101.5%. Tours Dam increased by 0.8% as it was 99.5% last week, and this week it is standing at 100.3%. Ebenezer Dam increased slightly by 0.3%. It is 100.9% this week, compared to last week’s 100.6%. Nsami Dam also increased by just 0.3%. Last week it was 53.7%, and this week it is standing at 54.0%.

Warmbad Dam stayed the same at 108%. Tzaneen Dam took a dip by 1.2% as it was 101.3% last week, and this week it is standing at 100.1%. Dap Naude Dam took a major dip, it was 105.2% last week, and this week it is at 102.8%. It has dropped by 2.4%.