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‘Stranded’ easyJet passengers miss wedding, baby scan and work due to cancelled flight

Declan Lally and his friend Richard, from Helensburgh, Scotland, had a nightmare getting home from the Europa League final after their easyJet flight was cancelled at the last minute

Declan Lally and his pal Richard were left stranded at the airport after their easyJet flight was cancelled
Declan Lally and his pal Richard were left stranded at the airport after their easyJet flight was cancelled

Two British friends were left “stranded” in Portugal after their flight home was cancelled at the last minute.

Declan Lally and his pal Richard ended up missing a wedding and baby scan as well as losing wages after their easyJet flight from Faro to Bristol was axed on Thursday night.

The pair, from Helensburgh, Scotland, had travelled to Seville, Spain, for the Europa League final between Rangers and Eintracht Frankfurt last Tuesday.

They were returning home via the neighbouring country following a bus journey, reports Bristol Live.

Self-employed barber Declan, 29, said he and Richard, 28, made it through passport checks and could see the plane on the runway with passengers on board when he was told it had been delayed by 10 minutes.

However, at 11pm, 40 minutes after they were originally due to fly, they were told the flight was cancelled altogether.

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The flight was axed at the last minute leaving passengers stranded


Declan Lally)

They were given a sheet which explained what to do when a flight is cancelled at short notice


Declan Lally)

Along with other travellers, they were left to spend the night sleeping on the airport floor.

Seven hours later, at around 5.30am on Friday, they spoke to third party reps for easyJet who gave them a phone number to call the airline.

They were eventually booked on a flight to Liverpool on Saturday evening after paying for a nearby hotel for the Friday night.

The pair then had to get a taxi and a bus to Manchester Airport as they said no trains were available until 10.30am.

They eventually got a train to Preston, another train to Carlisle and a replacement bus to Glasgow before another train home to Helensburgh.

The pair had travelled to Portugal from Dublin and Glasgow on a Ryanair flight, but were using easyJet to get home.

Declan said: “I’m a self employed barber so I lost my fully-booked diary on the Friday when I was meant to be home.

“I also lost out on the Saturday, which had also been fully booked.

An empty Faro Airport as Declan and Richard waited for answers


Declan Lally)

“I had two wedding parties booked in for haircuts – one on Friday and one on Saturday and I had to let them both down.

“I was even supposed to be attending my pals’ wedding on Sunday and so also had to let her down – though I managed to show up very late on Sunday night but I was falling asleep in the car over so wasn’t much of a guest.

“It means she has lost the money she spent for me to attend her wedding, because I didn’t make it in time to see her get married and I missed her meal.”

Richard, meanwhile, missed a baby scan with his partner, but Declan said thankfully he didn’t miss work on Monday.

The pair were supposed to be meeting another friend, William, in Bristol so all three of them could fly back to Scotland together.

Declan’s plan had been to fly from Faro to Bristol with easyJet and then catch another easyJet flight from Bristol to Glasgow with his friends.

However, as the Faro flight got cancelled he didn’t make his Glasgow flight and claims easyJet have told him he won’t get a refund.

easyJet said a technical fault led to the cancellation


AFP via Getty Images)

While using the easyJet app to try and book alternative flights in Faro, Declan says the app kept crashing and “never ever worked”.

Taking to Twitter to try and get answers, Declan asked the airline whether he’d be able to get a refund for his missed flight.

EasyJet responded: “For the flight you have missed due to the disruption, you would need to claim this via any valid travel insurance you may have.

“If you have booked an onward flight with easyJet or another carrier, this represents a separate contract of carriage.

“We do not guarantee or accept liability for missed onward carriage on a subsequent flight.

“Where you choose to book such an onward flight.”

Aaron Ramsey’s spot kick was saved during the Europa League final


Alex Grimm/Getty Images)

But Declan said: “It was third party so there weren’t any easyJet staff around when it got cancelled and we didn’t see anyone who represented easyJet again in the airport until 5.30am the morning after our cancelled flight.

“The only time I met someone from easyJet was on the plane to Liverpool.

“Liverpool or London were the only destinations they could change our flight to for two people together. EasyJet said it wasn’t their responsibility to get us back to Glasgow.”

Declan says that this experience has put him off booking with easyJet again, however he’s not done with them just yet.

“I sadly have five flights due with them,” Declan said. “I’m nervous the same thing could happen again.”

A spokesperson from easyJet said: “We can confirm that this flight EZY6010 from Faro to Bristol was cancelled as a result of a technical issue onboard the aircraft due to operate the flight.

“We did all possible to minimise the disruption, helping customers transfer to alternative flights for free, with availability on subsequent easyJet flights from Faro on the same day, and provided overnight hotel accommodation and meals for those who required them.

“Any customers who sourced their own hotel accommodation will be reimbursed for this and any other reasonable expenses and anyone who no longer wished to travel can receive a voucher or a full refund.

“We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused by the cancellation. The safety and wellbeing of our customers and crew is our highest priority.”

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