The Baby Makers

The Baby Makers
Mon, 08/22/2022 – 02:15

The Baby Makers

46:10 Min

The Baby Makers

The Baby Makers – S1E1: Let’s Make Babies

22 Aug 2022 10:00pm

Alarm bells are ringing over falling birthrates. This episode explores the reasons behind falling fertility rates and the efforts by governments and doctors to make it easier to have children.

About the Show

Alarm bells are ringing over falling birthrates. If there are fewer workers and more elderly, what will happen to economies and our standard of living?

This series explores the efforts to make it easier to have children and spotlights the people trying to make it happen.

In Asia and beyond, we look at government programmes, the new wave of entrepreneurs tapping into the lucrative Femtech market, and the next frontiers in science, including artificial intelligence to help fertility.

There are predictions that one in five babies will be born with some sort of assistance from reproductive technology.

We see the issues through the eyes of would-be parents, as well as the doctors and scientists who are dedicated to bringing new bundles of joy into the world.

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