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Tinder Swindler faces jail in fake licence probe after getting Maserati stuck on beach – World News

The Tinder Swindler could be extradited to Spain and faces jail after an arrest warrant was issued following an incident where he got his Maserati stuck on a beach

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The Tinder Swindler: Official trailer for Netflix documentary

The Tinder Swindler faces jail in Spain following a fake driving licence probe after getting his £80,000 Maserati Levante stuck on a beach.

Simon Leviev, 31, made global headlines after a hit Netflix show exposed him as a conman who posed as the son of a billionaire diamond dealer to defraud women out of hundreds of thousands of pounds.

But Israeli Leviev, who was born Shimon Hayut, says the documentary was “made up” and he is the perfect gentleman.

An arrest warrant has now been issued for Leviev after a Spanish policeman watched the show and recognised him.

Back in 2019, police reports say Gucci-clad Leviev claimed to be a holidaymaker called Michael Bilton after getting his supercar stranded in the sand at windsurfers’ paradise Tarifa.

Simon Leviev denies swindling women he met on Tinder

Leviev, wearing a £370 Gucci shirt, was with a mystery Russian blonde, who was carrying a £7,500 Hermes handbag.

Police suspected the licence was fake and Bilton has since been revealed as one of many aliases Leviev uses but after giving an address in Malaga the pair were allowed to get in a taxi pending an investigation.

The investigation was shelved after a court summons for forgery and traffic offences went unanswered.

Simon Leviev was wearing a £370 Gucci shirt when police questioned him about how he got his £80,000 Maserati stuck on a beach


Simon Leviev is now seeking Hollywood fame


Daily Record)

But now cops have asked a court in the southern Spanish port city of Algeciras to reopen the investigation.

It was not immediately clear if it is a worldwide warrant which could lead to Leviev’s detention in his homeland and eventual extradition.

Leviev has already served jail time in Israel for using a bogus passport in Greece. He was sentenced to 15 months for fraud and forgery but was let out after five for good behaviour.

His criminal career began as a teenager when he used stolen cheques to buy a Porsche and pay for a pilot training scheme.

He was charged in 2012 but fled his homeland on a stolen passport before sentencing. Three years later he was jailed for two years in Finland after defrauding women there.

Leviev has not been charged over the two-year dating scam exposed on Netflix, which featured three alleged women victims who said they were speaking out to protect others.

Tinder Swindler Simon Leviev is expelled from Athens, Greece, after a passport fraud


AFP via Getty Images)

They believed he was the son of Russian-Israeli gem tycoon Lev Leviev, dubbed the King of Diamonds, but the two men are not related.

One victim, Cecilie Fjellhoy, said she ended up in a psychiatric ward after being conned out of hundreds of thousands of pounds.

He’s denied swindling the women he met on Tinder out of any money and insists he is a legitimate businessman who made his fortune investing in Bitcoin.

Spanish police have not said whether the Russian woman Leviev allegedly tried to impress in Tarifa the day his Maserati got stuck was Polina Tsarenkova, who he is believed to have been dating around that time.

An Algeciras court official confirmed: “An arrest warrant is out for the person placed under investigation. That’s all the information I can provide at this stage.”

In February, he was spotted leaving a restaurant in the Israeli coastal city Tel Aviv, where he was living in a luxury 14-storey tower block.

Infamous Leviev, who is believed to be dating Israeli model Kate Konlin, is apparently hoping to crack Hollywood after landing an LA agent.

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