Tortilla wraps with egg spinach and smoked chicken

Are you short on time and need to whip together a light lunch? Try our tortilla wraps with egg spinach and smoked chicken. They are incredibly delicious and so quick and easy to prepare.

The combination of chicken, spinach and cheese inside the tortilla wraps are delicious. After enjoying one wrap, you may be tempted to enjoy another. This recipe is for two people but if you have more people to feed, simply double or triple the ingredients’ quantities.

Tortilla wraps are a very versatile light lunch. This is the kind of dish where you can be adventurous and creative and try to stuff the wraps with a variety of ingredients. Instead of spinach, you can use slightly fried mushrooms with the chicken. Or what about adding feta cheese with spinach? The options are really endless and depend on your liking.

Prepare this easy light lunch in less than 30 minutes. Lunchtime hardly gets better than this!

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