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Woman lifting weights at gym cringes as wardrobe malfunction makes her look ‘nude’

A woman confessed she was “mortified” after going to the gym in really tight leggings that made her look “nude”

In a TikTok video, professional fitness trainer Tanya Lynn says she thought her leggings were orange when she tried them in the lighting at home.

Tanya films herself lifting from a lying down position and is shocked to see her leggings now look quite different.

Awkwardly, from the lighting and angle of her camera, it now appears like she is totally in the buff.

“Oops who said nude was in anyways,” she wrote in the caption with the hashtags “gym failures” and “hard pass”.

Woman mortified after wardrobe malfunction at the gym leaves her looking 'nude'
Tanya said the leggings looked normal at home

Tanya said she was wearing leggings from the Whitney Simmons Gymshark collection.

Her video was watched more than 15,000 times and people admitted they were also fooled for a minute.

“At first I was like wait a minute,” said one user, while another admitted: “I was like what the… oh.”

Tanya, who is also on Instagram, replied to some of the messages and wrote: “Haha when I watched this back I was mortified.”

The leggings looked more rude in a different light
The leggings looked more rude in a different light

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