Zodwa Wabantu wants women to stop abusing her (Video)

Zodwa Wabantu pleads with women and girls who are fond of abusing her while she’s grooving in a public space.

The entertainer has been experiencing series of abuse from both men and women for a long time, and there’s been evidence flying on social media.

However, seeing that she’s come to address the issue of abuse from women only, it seem there’s been some hideous encounter in recent times, but she’s chosen not to go into details.

In a video shared on social media, the dancer urged these abusive women to allow her enjoy herself in peace, as they call her names, such as “Ugly” when she’s out to flex.

“To girls and women, why you feel a need to Abuse me? Are you Empty? Are you not happy with yourselves? I don’t do anything to Intimidate you,in your Presence I make sure I make myself as Nothing, to fit in cause I like to be Free. Question now, I should Party far away from you? I should work & leave? Ngingabi Umuntu Wabantu?” she asked.

Watch video below:


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